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Build Simple & Meaningful Self-Care Routines That Fit Easily Into Your Busy Life

Living Locket shown sitting on top of flowered plate saying Home is where the heart is for Meaningful Jewelry for Origami Owl to create simple & meaningful self-care on the Home page of Be Luminous with Lisa

Meaningful Jewelry with Origami Owl

One-of-a-kind jewelry built for you.

I love helping women design the perfect jewelry to share their cherished memories, empower their lives, and give personalized, stress-free gifts.

LIsa Donde looking down showing eye make up for Easy Make-Up with CMYK Cosmetics to create simple & meaningful self-care on the Home page of Be Luminous with Lisa

Easy Make-Up with CMYK Cosmetics

Easy and clean beauty made better for you.

I’m so happy to share make up which is quick, easy-to-do for busy lives, allergy-tested, vegan and has blue-light protection and antioxidants!

Willing Beauty Skincare Routine shown on table for Clean Skincare with Willing Beauty  to create simple & meaningful self-care  for the Home page for Be Luminous with Lisa

Clean Skincare with Willing Beauty

You deserve clean, simple skincare.

I’m passionate about ensuring your skin gets clean, allergy-tested, effective skincare that’s also gluten-free, vegan, and just better for your skin!

Grab tips for ALL these right here!

My Passion Is Helping to Build Easy Self-Care Into Your Routine

My passion is in helping women build easy self-care into busy routines with storytelling jewelry, easy skincare and make up. Our Brand Collective, Think Goodness encompasses Origami Owl, Wiling Beauty, CMYK and more!

Origami Owl has an amazing collection of jewellery that can be customized to each and every person’s memories. I love helping women find their own unique and personal way to keep their happiest memories close to their heart.

I’m always so honoured to be able help women include easy self-care into their busy routines. Our Willing Beauty and CMYK brands are full of clean, easy and industry-leading products to add the perfect self-care for YOUR busy routines.

What’s better than getting YOUR self-care?

Saving on your self-care!

Whether you’re saving money, time or even stress, saving on your self-care is so important. I’m passionate about ensuring you get the most out of your self-care. I’ve helped women save time with quick self-care routines, save stress by making those routines easy and fit into THEIR routines, and save money by getting them the best deal for their needs.

Sharing that self-care!

We all need encouragement and empowerment, even if it’s a comment from someone to express they love our earrings. Why not share with your friends and family and give them the opportunity to feel that empowerment too?

Celebrating that self-care!

We LOVE celebrating all self-care wins in our team community!! Big or small, they’re all worth celebrating YOU getting the self-care you deserve! Whether it’s taking a moment to remember a special memory, feeling like a rockstar with just some mascara or lip gloss, or finding a new solution to a skincare concern, we celebrate every single one.

Tell me how to save on my self-care!

YES! Let’s get you the absolute best value for YOU! Grab all the information right here on how you can SAVE on ALL YOUR SELF-CARE starting right now!

You can find me on any of these social channels for fun how-to jewelry designs, easy self-care tips and affordable gifts for everyone!