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Busy Beauty: Hacks to Remember When to Change Your Mascara

We know life can get hectic, and self-care often takes a back seat. Between juggling work, family, and personal time, it’s easy to forget those little things—like when to change your mascara. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Here are some fun and easy hacks to remember when to change your mascara and ensure it’s always fresh and fabulous.

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holding One and Only Mascara from CMYK against cheek for blog post Busy Beauty: Hacks to Remember When to Change Your Mascara

Check out my Top 5 Easy Hacks to Remember When to Change Your Mascara

1. Write the Date on the Tube

One of the simplest ways to remember when to replace your mascara is to write the date you opened it right on the tube. Use a permanent marker to jot down the month and year. Most mascaras should be replaced every three months to prevent bacteria build-up and to keep your lashes looking their best.

One and Only Mascara from CMYK with date in marker to remind when opened for blog post Busy Beauty: Hacks to Remember When to Change Your Mascara

2. Subscribe to a 3-Month Subscription Club with Think Goodness

Let’s make your life even easier with a subscription service! Think Goodness offers a fantastic 3-month mascara subscription that delivers a fresh tube right to your door. No more guessing or stressing. Just sign up, sit back, and relax as your mascara arrives exactly when you need it. What’s even better is you can skip a month if you want to be a rebel and go 4 months 🙂

FAQ how long is mascara safe to use graphic - answer 3 months for blog post Busy Beauty: Hacks to Remember When to Change Your Mascara

3. Ask Your Go-To CMYK Brand Ambassador for a Follow-Up Reminder

I love personalized service, so I’m always excited to provide that to my amazing community too! If you want a gentle reminder with a quick email when it’s time for a new mascara, just REPLY with REMIND ME right here. It’s like having a beauty bestie who’s always got your back!

4. Set a Reminder on Your Phone or Mark it on your Calendar

We use our phones for everything, so why not use them to remind us about mascara changes? Set a recurring reminder on your phone for every three months. This way, you’ll get a gentle nudge to switch out your old tube for a fresh one. For those who love a good old-fashioned planner or calendar, this one’s for you! Simply mark the date you need to change your mascara. Use a bright color or a fun sticker to make it stand out. It’s a fun and visual way to keep track of your beauty routine.

Before and After graphic for One and Only Mascara from CMYK with mascara brush after 4 months for blog post Busy Beauty: Hacks to Remember When to Change Your Mascara

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By incorporating these simple hacks into your routine, you can ensure your mascara is always fresh, your lashes are always fabulous, and you’re not wasting time worrying about it. Remember, taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Stay gorgeous and remember to take those little moments for yourself—you deserve it!

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