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Save on your self-care with Think Goodness in April 2023

Do you love being able to share memories of your favourite moments in life? Maybe you deserve some self-care that’s quick, easy and afforable! Well have I got just the solution for you!!

In April 2023 you can save on all your self-care, and become a Brand Ambassador with Think Goodness for only $23.00 CND ($17.00 US) and get over $250 CND ($185US) in our welcome pack which includes:

The Welcome Pack includes:

  • One (1) pair of Gold Clara Stud Earrings with Sunshine Delite Crystals
  • One (1) Gold Purpose Partner “Do Good Daily” Beaded Stretch Bracelets (Set of 2)
  • One (1) THE ONE AND ONLY Mascara
  • One (1) Limited Edition XO Coconut Lip Oil
  • One (1) ON THE GO Luxe Botanical Hand Cream
  • One (1) “progress, not perfection” Gold Bar Necklace 16-19″
  • Three (3) Willing Beauty Morning® Trio Sample Packettes
  • Three (3) 2022 Think Goodness Take Out Menus
  • One year of the TG Tech Suite (App, Online Shop and Virtual Office)
  • Referral code to give new customers special savings on their first purchase
  • Earning up to 35% commissions
  • 15% off promo code – which they’ll receive in their first Welcome email*
  • No Monthly Minimums or fees

Oh, and when you earn 100 PV (roughly $150 CND) in your first 30 days (includes your OWN purchases at your discount), you’ll earn DOUBLE your money back ($34 USD product cash promo code!!!).

Think Goodness Purpose Partner Enrolment for April 2023, sell and achieve 100PV and get $39 USD in product credit and earn back your investment or Get 250PV and get our CMYK lip gloss and eye shadow pallet for blog post Save on your self-care with Think Goodness in April 2023

Becoming a Brand Ambassador with Think Goodness gives you the opportunity for so many options:

  • Design your own personalized jewelry that speaks to those moments
  • Create unique and one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family
  • Enjoy clean, easy skincare and make up

Why Should You Join Team Luminous?

Not only do you get all this fabulous sparkle and self-care at an amazing discount, you get my support for however much energy or effort you want to put into your new journey! Here’s a few great reasons!

  • Team Incentives for everyone’s level
  • Easy updates for those looking to get just the quick highlights on special deals
  • More detailed information for those looking to have a part-time opportunity and earn extra income
  • Full support to help you take on the Think Goodness world by storm

You can find me on any of these social channels for fun how-to jewelry designs, easy self-care tips and affordable gifts for everyone!