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Winter Wonderland Glam: Top 3 Tips for an Easy Holiday Make Up Look

As winter wraps us in its chilly embrace, the holiday season brings an extra dose of magic and celebration. Elevate your makeup routine to embrace the festive spirit, combining the warmth of winter hues with the glamour of holiday sparkles. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top three tips for easy holiday make up, focusing on enhancing your lips, eyes, and lashes with the magic of lipstick, eyeshadow, and mascara for a look that’s both cozy and holiday-ready.

Lisa Donde of Be Luminous with Lisa for the blog post Winter Wonderland Glam: Top 3  Tips for an Easy Holiday Make Up Look

Check out my Top 3 Easy Holiday Make Up Must-Haves!!

  1. Lush Lashes with the Right Mascara: Mascara is a winter essential for opening up your eyes and making them appear more awake and vibrant. Opt for a volumizing mascara that adds thickness and drama to your lashes with our One and Only Mascara from CMYK. Dark, defined lashes frame your eyes and complete your winter makeup look with elegance.

Tip: Curl your lashes before applying mascara to achieve a wide-eyed look. Wiggle the mascara wand at the base of your lashes and then comb through to the tips for even coverage.

Lisa Donde from Be Luminous with Lisa smiling with CMYK One and Only Mascara near cheek for the blog post Winter Wonderland Glam: Top 3  Tips for an Easy Holiday Make Up Look
  1. Eyes Aglow with Holiday Sparkle: Transform your eyes into a winter wonderland with eyeshadows that echo the enchantment of the season. Think glittering golds, shimmery pinks, and deep emerald greens, and our CMYK Anti-Blue Light Eyeshadows have the perfect shades! These festive shades not only capture the essence of the holidays but also add a touch of glamour to your overall look.

Tip: Apply a shimmering eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes to create a bright, awakened look. Blend deeper shades towards the outer corners, forming a gradient that’s reminiscent of a snowy landscape. For a dazzling effect, consider a touch of glitter or metallic eye shadow for that extra holiday sparkle.

Lisa Donde from Be Luminous with Lisa eyes looking downward showing off Rose Glow eyeshadow pallet from CMYK for the blog post Winter Wonderland Glam: Top 3  Tips for an Easy Holiday Make Up Look

3. Radiant Lips Stealing the Spotlight: Holiday gatherings call for statement lips that are as bold as the season itself. Swap out your everyday shades for festive hues like deep reds, velvety maroons, or even daring metallics with one our of 7 CMYK Limitless Lipsticks. A touch of shimmer or a glossy finish adds an extra festive flair to your lip game, making you stand out in the crowd.

Tip: Before applying your lipstick, make sure your lips are well-hydrated. Cold weather can lead to dry and chapped lips, so use one of my favourite nourishing lip products with our Lip Lock Treatment as a base.

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Winter Wonderland Glam: Top 3  Tips for an Easy Holiday Make Up Look

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 This winter, let your makeup be a reflection of the festive spirit that fills the air. By embracing bold lip colors, shimmering eyeshadows, and voluminous lashes, you can create a holiday-ready look that’s both cozy and glamorous. Whether you’re sipping cocoa by the fire or dancing the night away at a holiday soiree, these top three makeup tips will have you looking and feeling like a winter wonderland enchantress. Embrace the magic of the season and let your holiday glam shine!

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